The Juggler Meadow Morris Men have been ensuring the arrival of Spring in the Connecticut Valley of Massachusetts every year since 1981. Our dances come from the villages of Bucknell, Ducklington, Longborough and Bampton.

We practice at the Bangs Community Center in Amherst, Massachusetts on most Tuesday nights from September through May. You can usually find us in a pub somewhere after practice, singing songs and drinking beer. Check out our Schedule¬†if you want to find out what we’re doing in the touring season. The Harvest Ale Schedule is from last year until we make a new one!

Come join or visit us!

New members are always welcome, though the best times of year to join is in September, which is the beginning of practice for the winter traditions of Sword Dance and Border Morris; and January which is the beginning of Cotswold practice for the Spring and Summer seasons.

If you are interested in Women’s Morris Dancing in the Pioneer Valley click here for Wake Robin Morris.

 Absquatulate: Lets not ruin it with a definition!