Juggler Meadow Tours currently planned for 2018. More things are in the works while others may be known only to the team. All our tours operate on Morris time. Be patient, we’ll get there eventually even if we get distracted by a swimming hole or a pub.

  • Tuesday, May 1 – May Day! Dancing at dawn out behind the Rogers’s Place in Shutesbury. 
  • Saturday, May 5 – Cushman May Day – From the Poet’s House to Cushman Common
  • Sunday, May 6 – Montague May Day as usual followed by the annual picnic.
  • Tuesday, May 15 – Drake Tuesday – our annual evening tour of Amherst commemorating the closing of Drake’s Village Inn, our original pub.
  • Sunday, May 20 – Whitsunday or Pentecost. Traditional Morris tour. We’ll be somewhere in Franklin County, we think, though not at St. James this year
  • Tuesday, May 22 – Jake Tuesday – our annual celebration of the miraculous survival of Jake from his near death experience. In and around McNeill’s in Brattleboro in the evening. We’ll have company.
  • Other events not yet scheduled
  • October 5-8 (Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s weekend) – THE Harvest Ale though known by other names, this annual blowout takes us across Franklin County with co-hosts Wake Robin Morris plus several guest teams from near and far to many and varied events over the weekend.
  • December 21 (Friday)- Ashfield Solstice, after dark somewhere in the vicinity of Elmer’s Store, we’ll be doing Abbots, sword and border not to mention a Mummer’s play most likely.

Other events are in the works. Look here for more information as it develops or check out our Facebook Page.