Juggler Traditions – Cushman May Day

The Cushman May Day is a community celebration originated, I think, by Fay Kaynor and some friends of hers. Fay Kaynor is, of course, the mother of Cammy Kaynor. Faye was trying to revitalize the community and develop a nice sense of local belonging.
The event itself is a pancake breakfast for anyone who shows up but it’s especially for the people of Cushman Village. Local folks do all the organizing and work and rely entirely on voluntary donations to cover the costs.
These days, Cushman Village has become a distinct and active social center. The old Cushman General Store has been revived as the Cushman Market and Cafe; there is a preschool and of course the salamander sculpture. Back in the 1970’s when I first became aware of Cushman, there used to be a shop run by a jack of all trades named Clifton Ashley. I met him while doing an anthropology project when he was well over 80 but still working. He was the kind of classic Yankee who would make or fix anything. His shop, now owned by Bear and Tina Acker who made it their home, had tools for making everything and an amazing belt drive system that ran all the tools in the shop.